Google testing new app listing layout in Play Store web version

App listingsGoogle seems to be testing a new layout for the app listings in the Google Play web version, which will give more visibility to the similar apps section.  First noticed by the Android Police, the new layout is live to select Chrome users.

The new app listings follow a three-column layout with primary navigation links on the left, app details in the middle and similar apps and other apps from the developer on the right. This layout gives more visibility to the similar apps section and I, personally, like it more than the existing one, which includes lots of unused space.

There is no word on whether the new layout will actually be implemented in the main version or when it will reach all users. It is important to note here that Google often tests new features and new layouts for its services and most of them never become final.

App listings
A comparison of test version and existing Google Play app listing. Click to enlarge

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