Delhi HC bans import & sales of OnePlus One smartphone in India

Oneplus OneThe Cyanogen-Micromax-OnePlus saga doesn’t seem to be ending. Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has been ordered by the Delhi High Court to stop the import and sales of OnePlus One smartphones in India. The court has acted on a complaint from Micromax, which claims that OnePlus has infringed its exclusive tie-up with Cyanogen Inc. for the use of software/ services and trademark in the country.

Delhi High Court has granted an interim injunction in favour of Micromax, directing OnePlus to stop marketing, selling and shipping its OnePlus One phone in India. The company has however been allowed to clear the existing inventory. To remind you, OnePlus retails its One smartphone via Amazon in the country.

In a statement to MediaNama, OnePlus noted that it will stop the production of One with CM for the Indian market, but is looking for a solution to continue operations in the country.

“In accordance with a judgement passed by the Delhi High Court, we will no longer be producing the OnePlus One with CyanogenMod to be sold in India. We are still fully committed to serving our users in the region and, in light of this decision, are working to find a solution that will allow us to continue operations as soon as possible,” stated OnePlus.

Although OnePlus has not clarified its future strategy, it is likely that the company will continue working on its own software and re-release OnePlus One with its own OS on-board, whenever ready. You can read the full Delhi High Court judgement here.


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