News Briefs: Google Text-to-Speech in Android now supports Hindi

Google has updated the Text-to-Speech app in Google Play, adding support for Hindi and Indonesian languages. The updated version is rolling out now and will reach your Android device in the coming days.

Google Text-to-Speech works in the background and powers the applications to read-aloud the text available on the screen. Many apps like Google Play Books use the feature on Android. So, next time you are planning to read a Hindi or Indonesian book on your Android device, you will be able to use read-aloud function of the Play Books to listen to the book.

Although Google Text-to-Speech is turned-on by default in most Android devices, you can still head over Settings > Language & Input > Text-to-speech to check out the related settings or download voice-packs. At this point, Google is only offering female voice-packs for both Hindi and Indonesian.

Updated Play Store version brings “My Account” page

Google has started rolling out a new version of Play Store client on Android devices. Carrying version number 5.1, the updated Play Store will bring full-length drawer, new my account page, UI tweaks and more.

The My Account is the major change and will give the users quick access to payment methods, order history and more.

This version of Play Store will reach your Android phone or tablet in the coming days. Play Store version 5.1

Taiwan regulator finds smartphone maker violating privacy rules

Taiwan’s telecommunications regulator National Communications Commission (NCC) has announced that it recently tested the 12 smartphone makers operating in the country to see if they adhere to the country’s privacy laws and it found all of them to be in violation.

The regulator has not revealed the name of the smartphone makers or other details at this point but full report will be released in a few weeks.

WSJ reports the smartphone makers tested by Taiwan’s NCC include all major manufacturers like Apple, Samsung, HTC and Xiaomi.

Cram Android app saves Android device storage space by compressing images

US-based Accusoft has released an Android app in Google Play, which help the Android users in saving precious device storage space by compressing the image stored on the devices. Dubbed as Cram, the app is available for free in Play Store, but only support 300 compressions without the premium subscription, which costs $1.99 and is available as an in-app purchase.Cram app

“By compressing JPEG files with Cram, Android users can reclaim more than 60% of the storage space those original files occupied, freeing up room for more photos and apps and improving the device’s performance by making room for a larger memory cache,” the app developer noted in a press release.

Samsung to shutdown WatchON service on Dec 31 in all markets but two

Samsung has announced that it will discontinue the WatchON content service in all markets except US and South Korea. The company has noted that previously purchased content will still remain accessible but the consumers won’t be able to buy new content.

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  1. I have tried to run the Hindi TTS but it doesn’t seem to work. Installed the voice data. Selected Google text to speech option as ‘Hindi’ . Doesn’t work.


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