Yota Phone 2 goes on sale this week in Europe; Asia next year

Yota Phone 2Yota has announced that its second dual-screen smartphone will go on sale this week in Europe. The Yota Phone 2, which was originally showcased for the first time at MWC in February this year, will retail for 33,000 roubles ($620) and will be initially available in markets such as Russia and UK.

The company plans to roll-out the Yota Phone 2 to 20 European countries by the end of this year and will release the phone in Asia-Pacific in early 2015, followed by Latin America and Canada. There is no word on the US release.

The Yota Phone 2 sport two displays like its predecessor – 5-inch AMOLED panel on front and 4.7-inch e-ink panel on the back. The black & white back panel is the USP of the phone. It consumes limited power and can be used for a number of tasks like reading e-books, viewing notifications, reading news and more. On the downside, the secondary display supports only a limited number of applications.

Other specifications of the phone include quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM, 32GB of internal storage, Android 4.4, 8MP primary camera, and 2MP front camera. Detailed specifications below.Yota Phone 2 specs

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