Intel processor to replace TI OMAP chip in Google Glass: Report

Google Glass prescription framesSceptics might have already written the tales of Google Glass’ demise, but inside Google HQ at Mountain View, the engineers continue to work at this wearable device. Now, a report from WSJ claims that Google has tied up with Intel to provide processors for Glass.

The Intel chips will replace the TI OMAP processor present in the current generation of Glass. While Glass might or might not succeed, the Glass tie-up is still a win for Intel, as the chip-maker struggles to make headway in the wearables market.

There is no official word on which Intel chip will be used in the next-generation Glass, but we think, Google could go with Intel Quark SoC X1000, which is the first product in Intel’s wearable and connected device targeted Quark line-up.

“Intel Quark technology is designed for applications where lower power and size take priority over higher performance,” writes Intel in the product description of Quark. Both low-power consumption and small size are key requirements for Google Glass.

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