Google updates Japanese, Korean, Pinyin, Zhuyin Input apps

Google Japanese InputIn addition to rolling out a major update for Hindi Input app, Google has also released similar updates for Japanese, Korean, Pinyin, and Zhuyin Input apps in Google Play. The updated applications can be grabbed from Play Store now and include the new material design as well as other improvements.

Starting with Japanese Input app, which allows the users to input Japanese language on Android devices, will now provide faster access to numbers and punctuation as well as voice input support. The full change-log is listed below.

  • Implemented Material Design
  • Faster access to number and punctuations
  • Voice input and Emoji input shortcut key
  • Input method switch key (only for Lollipop running devices)
  • New Candidate window for hardware keyboard users (Lollipop only)
  • Built-in support for hardware Japanese keyboard (needs Android 4.1+)

Similarly, Korean Input app has also got new emoji layout and other changes. Full change-log below.

  • Gesture typing to input characters or words all at once
  • Material light and material dark themed keyboard
  • New symbol and emoji keyboard layout

Lastly, you can check out the change-logs for Zhuyin and Pinyin Chinese input apps below

Zhuyin Input app change-log

  • New Material style keyboard themes
  • Support fullscreen handwriting

Pinyin Input app change-log

  • New Material Light and Dark themes
  • Full screen handwriting
  • User dictionary import and export
  • User defined shortcuts
  • Brand new symbol and emoji keyboards
  • Lots of bug fixes

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