Google allows third-party apps to integrate “Ok Google” support

Google SearchGoogle has announced that third-party app developers can now add just a few lines of codes to allow the consumers search within their app using Google voice search.

“How many lines of code will it take to let your users say Ok Google, and search for something in your app? Hardly any. Starting today, all you need is a small addition to your AndroidManifest.xml in order to connect the Google Now SEARCH_ACTION with your searchable activity,” wrote Jarek Wilkiewicz, Developer Advocate, Google Search, in a post on Android Developers blog.

After implementing the necessary code-changes, the third-party apps will be ready for voice search commands like “Ok Google, search pizza on Zomato” or “Ok Google, search for hotels in Goa on Makemytrip.” The support for these commands in third-party apps will give the consumers even faster access to information they want.

According to Google, this feature is available on English locale Android devices running Jelly Bean and above with the Google app v3.5 or greater right now but we can always expect Google to add support for more languages in the future. Developers can find more about the implementation on Android Developers blog.

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