Google publishes guide on how to migrate from iOS to Android

iOS to AndroidFor any user, migration from one platform to another is a big headache. Now, with the launch of Android 5.0, Google wants to make it easier for the Apple iOS users to move to Android. The company has published a detailed guide on how to migrate from iOS to Android. This guide is present on the official Android website and includes a full webpage explaining how to transfer photos, contacts, media, apps as well as email accounts from the Apple iPhone or iPad to Android devices.

The Google guide is pretty self-explanatory and should be easy to use for iOS users regardless of their software skill level. Also, as the tutorial is present on the Android website, we can expect Google to update it regularly with any changes in apps or the operating system.

This is not all, Google has also shared how-to guides for the first time Android users to help them with the platform. These how-to guides can also be found on the official Android website.

We hope that Google brings similar guides for migration from other major smart device platforms like Windows Phone/ Windows and BlackBerry.Android Screenshots

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