Xiaomi releases Redmi 1S v45 update in India with major fixes

Xiaomi Redmi 1SXiaomi has announced that it has released a software update for Redmi 1S smartphone in the Indian market. The update is now available over-the-air and carries the version number 45. According to Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra, the update includes fixes for some of the major issues that have been pointed out by the Indian Redmi 1S user community.

“Today we released an over-the-air system update (v45) for the Redmi 1S. This release incorporates feedback received from a large number of users and addresses a few important issues,” Barra wrote on Facebook.

The update size is 11MB for the users updating their phone from v43, however if you are updating Redmi 1S from v41 to v45, you will get around 515MB of the update.

Here is the full change-log of the update:

Heating & battery life improvements: Improved thermal control algorithm to better regulate temperature and keep it under 38C in normal usage conditions. It also improves battery life.

RAM availability: Significant improvements in how MIUI manages RAM on a 1GB device.

UI performance: Fixes for frame rate drops and UI lag

As always, the update is also available as a manual download from MIUI forum but this method is only recommended for advanced users.


  1. I have just updated to v45 from v43. Very small update size (12MB). Now, most of the time, the phone is running in less CPU frequency and heating has also reduced significantly. Thanks Xiaomi 🙂


  2. I am NOT sure about heating issue, as I have NOT experienced the same before… But reg RAM management, I feel v41 is much better than v45, as v45 after reboot has less FREE RAM, than in v41 case…


  3. After upgrade to V45, I am experiencing very low voice, not able to hear properly, not sure if any one also has same issue


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