Google starts rolling-out Nearby Players feature in Play Games

Nearby PlayersGoogle has slowly starting roll-out a new Nearby Players features in Play Games globally. This feature allows the Play Games users to play the compatible multiplayer games with the users, who in talking distance (within around 300 feet) from them.

“With select multiplayer games on Play Games, you can easily start playing with people nearby by turning on the “Nearby Players” option. When people near you also have the game open and the option on, they can join the game instantly,” Google explains on the feature support page.

Using the feature is like using Bluetooth on your Android device. Here is how you can operate the feature when it goes live for you.

  • Go to the multiplayer section within a game.
  • Touch Nearby players: Off to turn the feature on.
  • Under “Players near you,” touch the name of a player.
  • Only people who have the same game open and the Nearby Players option turned on will appear in this list. You can’t invite friends who are nearby if they don’t have the same game open.
  • Touch Play.

Google notes that Nearby Players feature turn itself off every time you exit the game or the multiplayer section within a game to avoid any random game requests. Just switch it on again if you want to use it.

Image credit: Mo | via AP

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