HTC One (M8 Eye) official in China, goes on sale Oct 15 for 3,999 yuan

HTC One M8 EyeUpdate: After posting a promo page for One (M8 Eye), HTC has now made the smartphone official by detailing it on its website. The listing also reveals the full specifications of the phone, which are same as the HTC One (M8) apart from the rear camera change, which is 13MP, and not 4MP Ultrapixel.

Earlier: HTC has silently listed the much-rumoured HTC One (M8 Eye) smartphone on its China website. As per some rumours, the M8 Eye will only be released in China and India, which will suggest why there has been no global announcement and the company did not mention the phone earlier today at Desire Eye unveiling.

As per HTC China website, the phone will be officially launched on October 15 for 3,999 yuan ($652, INR 39,770) and the interested consumers can register for the sale now at the website.

The full set of specifications of M8 Eye haven’t been revealed at this point but the promo page reveals that the phone include HTC’s new Eye Experience with enhancements like Split Capture, better video calls, face fusion, live make-up and more. In addition, the listing notes that M8 Eye will come with dual-SIM support, 13MP rear camera with some kind of 3D recording support, 4G LTE connectivity and Boomsound speakers. The phone packs the same design as HTC One M8, so visually, there is going to be no difference between One M8 and One M8 Eye.

We hope to get more details on October 15.HTC One M8 EyeHTC One M8 Eye


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