Play Store v5.0 brings material design changes & other visual tweaks

Play Store v5After pushing content listing revamp in July this year, Google has now started rolling out version 5.0 of the Play Store to Android users with more material design changes and other tweaks. The updated version of Play Store as usual will take at least one or two weeks to reach all users.

Talking about the changes, first of all Google Play Store v5.0 includes a new icon, which is slightly different from the earlier iteration. You can check out the history of Android Market/ Google Play Store icons at the end of the report.

In addition, Google has visually tweaked the category icons on the home-page, the category pages as well as slide-out menu. On the app listing pages, the change-log (What’s New) has finally been moved to the top in the detailed description and includes a greenish background to highlight it. Looks like Google got a lot of user emails about the placement of ‘What’s New” in Play Store v4.9.

“By far the top feedback item we’ve received for our previous Store release was our treatment of “what’s new” data on the app details pages,” revealed Google’s Kirill Grouchnikov in Google+ post.

Lastly, the Play Recommendations widget settings now include new icons for the content categories.Play Store v5 What's NewPlay Store Icons

One comment

  1. a week ago i was said something about google apps recommendation instead of shipping with a ton of preinstalled google apps, and a week later its here.
    Google owe me a cake for (mistakenly) guessing something right before they even released it 😛


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