Chromecast update brings new backdrop feature

Chromecast backdropGoogle has announced that it is finally adding a much requested feature to Chromecast in the form of backdrop. It will allow the Google streaming dongle users set custom image sources to show photos on their HDTV when nothing is streaming – think of it like a screensaver for your TV.

The Chromecast update with backdrop option is rolling out now and will reach your device in the coming days. Just make sure the Chromecast app on your Android or iOS device is up-to-date.

According to Google, the consumers will be able to choose from multiple options for their backdrop source like their photo albums on Google+, artwork from Google Cultural Institute, news photos from various media outlets (only for US, probably because of content licensing arrangements), satellite images from Google Maps and images from Google+ community.

The procedure to set up backdrop is quite easy, just follow the instructions given in the graphic below to set it up as soon as your Chromecast is updated.Chromecast backdrop setup

This is not all, Google will also allow you to check out more details about the photos being shown on your TV as a part of the backdrop. There are two ways to check it out – via Chromecast app or via a quick Google voice search (What’s on my Chromecast).

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