Leaked Android L build for Samsung Galaxy S5 gets previewed

Android L on Samsung Galaxy S5Android L might still be days or weeks away from official release but the source code of this Android version has already started reaching select manufacturers and now a video preview of a leaked Android L build running on Galaxy S5 has appeared online.

Like all Samsung devices, the Android L-powered Galaxy S5 includes the TouchWiz UI. So, although we don’t get to see the stock Android L in action, we do get a look at what Samsung plans to do with the next Android version.

As you can expect, Samsung seems to have made slight tweaks here and there but it is far from Google’s version of Android L. As it is an early build, we will reserve our judgement until the final roll-out but don’t expect any huge changes from what can be seen in the video below.

Highlights from TouchWiz-laden Android L:

  • No Blue theme across the OS anymore, Samsung is using White now
  • Revamped system apps like Dialler, Messages, Memo, and Clock etc.
  • Improved lock-screen with Android L’s notifications-integration
  • No more lock screen widgets
  • ART as default runtime

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