Popular Japanese news app SmartNews goes global with US edition

SmartNewsSmartNews, a top news reading app in Japan, is going international with its US edition. The app until now only offered a Japan-edition and has been pretty popular in the Land of the Rising Sun with over 5 million users.

SmartNews looks similar to other news reading apps but it claims to offer the trending news items from around the web based on what is being read and shared online. The application reportedly mines social media for news content, sorts it into news categories and then shows it in a readable form.

“The magic of SmartNews is behind the scenes. Our technology delivers the hottest articles by analyzing what is being read and shared at any given moment,” SmartNews writes in the Google Play description.

SmartNews has partnered with dozens of prominent news publishers like AP, The Atlantic, CNET, Huffington Post, Vox, Quartz and NBC News in the US to provide news content from specific news outlets. The app users will not only be able to read the suggested trending news items by the app but can also see content from the partner news outlets by adding their favourite ones as channels.

In addition, the app provides a SmartView for low-bandwidth usage. It even works without the internet for the already synced items. The users can also set news delivery times for morning, afternoon and evening. Check out the full feature set below:

  • Zero loading time with SmartView
  • All your news is one flip away
  • Clean, elegant format makes reading simple and fast
  • Get your breaking news three times per day
  • Share your favourite content with your friends via Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, Pocket, etc.

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