Google Play starts showing IAP price-range & app developer address

In-app purchasesAs expected, Google has started showing the price-range of the available in-app purchases for Android applications in Google Play. The change has been rolled-out for both device client and web version of the Play Store.

Google shows the minimum and maximum price of the in-app purchases available for any app and prices are in the local currency of your billing address, thus making them easier for you to understand. It would be great if the company could start showing prices of all in-app purchases.

In related news, Google has also began listing the address of the paid app developers as well as developers of the free apps that offer in-app purchases in Google Play. The change currently only seems to be visible in select countries like US but we expect it to roll-out globally in the coming weeks.

Both in-app purchases prices and developer address are shown in additional information section of the app listings. While the visibility of in-app purchase prices is actually helpful to the consumers, the developer addresses are just to be in line with regulatory conditions.Dev address in Google Play

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