Google expands Play Books availability to four new markets

Google Play Books
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Google has quietly expanded the availability of its e-books store Play Books to four new markets – Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. With this expansion, the Google Play Books are now available in a total of 61 countries.

Android users can now head over the Play Store on their Android devices or Google Play webstore to check out the new Books section. The available books catalogue depend on the geographical region, so not all markets get the same books or at the same price.

To remind you, Google Play Books also allows the consumers to upload their own e-books to Play Books cloud to access them across the devices. The feature is available in both Play Books app as well as website.

In related news, Google has launched Play Music in Brazil and Uruguay. While all users in Uruguay will have access to All Access subscription service, the All Access service in Brazil will only be available to select Samsung Galaxy device users for a limited period initially, following which it will roll-out to all.

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