LG, Panasonic and Sony reduce Android smartphone prices in India (Update)

LG G3LG and Sony have rolled-out price-reductions for several of their Android smartphones in the Indian market. As per Mumbai-based retailer Mahesh Telecom, the price-cuts come into effect beginning today.

Starting with LG smartphones, the LG G3 is now officially selling at INR 41,999 (16GB) and INR 44,999 (32GB), however you can get it for as low as INR 40,000 (32GB) from select sellers at Flipkart.com. To remind you, it was originally launched in July this year for INR 47,990 (16GB) and INR 50,990 (32GB).

Among other LG phones, the LG L60 can now be grabbed for INR 7,300, LG L70 for INR 10,499, and LG F70 for INR 13,499. LG L60 was originally introduced at INR 7,999, while LG L70 and F70 were released for INR 14,500 and INR 18,499 respectively.

Coming to Sony smartphones, in the wake of the impending Xperia Z3 launch, the company has reduced the price of Xperia Z2. The phone is now selling for INR 39,990. Other phones like Xperia Z1, M2, SP and E1 have also got price-cuts. You can check out new prices below. These are physical store prices and you might get even better deals online.

  • Sony Xperia Z1: INR 32,999
  • Sony Xperia M2: INR 17,999
  • Sony Xperia SP: INR 15,999
  • Sony Xperia E1 dual: INR 6,999
  • Sony Xperia E1: INR 5,999

Update: Pansonic has also joined the likes of Sony and LG in reducing the prices of its select Android smartphones in India. According to Mahesh Telecom, Panasonic’s P31 is now available at INR 7,199, down from the launch price of INR 11,990. Similarly, Eluga A can be purchased at INR 8,199 after the price-cut. The phone was originally released at INR 9,490.

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