Android L to encrypt device data by default: Google

Android device encryption
Current device encryption settings in Android

Google has announced that the upcoming Android L version will encrypt the device data by default and only users with device password will be able to view the contents like photos, videos, apps and more.

The Washington Post, which was first to report this, noted that optional encryption has been available on the Android devices since 2011 but very few users know how to turn on this feature. If you were wondering where to find this feature on your current Android device, it is available in Settings > Security > Encrypt Phone.

According WP, Google is tweaking the first-time set-up procedure in Android L to enable the device encryption by default. The encrypted devices will then need the device password to decrypt data each time they are powered on. The encryption will also mean that thieves, police or even NSA won’t be able to read your device data without the password.

“For over three years Android has offered encryption, and keys are not stored off of the device, so they cannot be shared with law enforcement. As part of our next Android release, encryption will be enabled by default out of the box, so you won’t even have to think about turning it on,” Google spokeswoman Niki Christoff told Washington Post.


  1. NSA will never allow Google to do operate out of USA without a tacit/explicit understanding that they ‘have’ to share data or metadata as per PRISM. T4 even if Google says it’ll encrypt L, its a given that this too falls within the purview of NSA surveillance program. I like Google/Android but there are some things that I won’t believe.


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