Redmi 1S goes out of stock on Flipkart in just 4.2 seconds: Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi 1SThe 40,000 units of the Redmi 1S smartphone, which were put on sale by Xiaomi on Flipkart earlier today, went out of stock in just 4.2 seconds, claims Xiaomi. This was the first sale for the smartphone in the country and the registrations for the next sale, which is scheduled on September 9, will open at 6PM today.  There is no word on how many units will be available as a part of the next sale.

Back to today’s sale, the deliveries for the Redmi 1S units ordered today will begin September 12-13 and continue over the next seven days depending on the location of the consumers.

As there were over 250,000 registration for Redmi 1S sale, there are a significant number of consumers, who are feeling disappointed. There is also a sentiment among the unlucky consumers that the 4.2 seconds timing is a work of fiction as many of them got out of stock message within the first second of the sale itself, which we also observed during our attempt of buying the smartphone.

We expect similar sell-out times for all the sales from the company in the near future. With launches lined-up in so many other countries, Xiaomi will never be able to bring the supply in sync with the demand.

What was your experience with the first Redmi 1S sale, let us know in comments.


  1. As soon as the count down went to zero, I saw the buy button. I clicked it suddenly and the page said loading and next message was OUT OF STOCK. So I am assuming it went out of stock at first second itself. Fully agree with the editor of this post.


  2. 😉 i was lucky enough to book one, while the login on other pc showed out of stock. It was surprising that my both pc’s showed different timmers… One was running 3-4 seconds behind the other.


  3. Well i could secure one for me today. It didn’t happen that way as been described above. As soon as timer went off i clicked on buy now and it said please wait while item is being added to your cart…and this maintained status quo for around 3-4 mins and then suddenly it flashed a message saying “Sorry we could not add the item in your cart however reserved one for you. Please come after 15 mins to complete the order”. in the next 10 mins i tried again and i could see item in my cart and ordered it straight away. So was perfect.

    Looking at the surge in traffic it’s bound to go down however i think they are not deceiving the end users as the way it worked for me was pretty legitimate and one would expect it that way under high traffic environment. Hope this helps.


  4. Hey my fk account orders page is showing two orders (cod) of redmi 1s ! Will one get cancelled automatically since only 1 unit of the phone is allowed per user account ??


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