Mi power banks go on pre-order at Flipkart (Update)

MI power bank pre-order

Update 3: Both versions are back on pre-order. Head over to Flipkart to order the power bank now.

Update 2: 5200 mAh version is also gone.

Update: The pre-orders for 10,400 mAh version of Mi power bank are over. Looks like the retailer is expected limited quantity next week. You can still pre-order the 5200 mAh version.

Earlier: Days after Xiaomi’s screen protector and flip cover for Mi 3 smartphone were put on pre-order at e-retailer Flipkart, the Mi power banks have joined them. Both versions of Mi power bank are now on pre-order at the retailer and will start shipping next week alongside other accessories

There is still no word on when Mi in-ear headsets will be put on sale.

To remind you, the 10400 mAh version of power bank costs INR 999, while the 5200 mAh version has been priced at INR 799.

Xiaomi power bank use an aluminium casing with dual-battery cells from LG and Samsung. The 10400 mAh version is capable of 2.5 full charges of Mi 3 smartphone, while 5200 mAh version can perform one full charge of the phone.  The devices are compatible with a number of devices and automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. You can charge smartphones and tablets from Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google and BlackBerry, as well as a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.  (Source: Flipkart)

Xiaomi teaser Redmi 1S, launch information to be revealed today

In related news, Xiaomi has started teasing the release of Redmi 1S smartphone on its social media channels and is expected to reveal the availability details later today. As always, we will bring you all the details as soon as they have been shared by the company. Flipkart has already listed the phone on its website. 

Update: Turns out the teaser was for a contest from the company and it has not revealed any details about the Redmi 1S release and the Flipkart listing has also been removed.


  1. on flipkart website .. “Forthcoming
    Pre-order now. (Estimated Release Date: 5th week of August) ”
    5th week of August? 5 weeks in a month? They need to be more careful on these kind of things, then they will look more professional


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