OnePlus gets ready for India debut, looking for GM – India operations

OnePlus One
OnePlus One smartphone

A few weeks ago, OnePlus stated on its official forum that it was thinking of entering the Indian smartphone market because of the tremendous interest shown by the Indian consumers. Now, the company is making good on its statement and has started the process to begin the India operations.

The company has published a job listing looking for the General Manager – India Operations. While the actual launch might still be months away, the listing shows the company is serious about the country.

“We’ve seen tremendous interest from India in the OnePlus One, but to enter the market we’ll need the help of a local visionary. You will be the sun, the light that leads OnePlus into the Indian market; the center of orbit for all projects, operations, and service; the ambassador that spreads the OnePlus brand across India like a wildfire,” the company wrote in the job listing.

To remind you, OnePlus was founded by ex-Oppo executives and has released only one smartphone till date – OnePlus One, which arrived in May with a starting price of $299. The phone is currently on sale in select European and Asian markets as well as US.


    • I know, the invitation system is BAD, but it can be bought if you are a die hard CM fan… I am using 64GB OnePlus ONE (SandStone Black) now…


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