Xiaomi Mi 3 fifth sale gets over in 2.3 seconds, next on August 26

Xiaomi Mi 3 out of stockUpdate (Aug 19): The fifth sale of Xiaomi Mi 3 smartphone also got over in seconds today. According to Xiaomi, it took a total of 2.3 seconds for the entire batch of 20,000 phones to get sold out. The next sale is scheduled for August 26 and you will be able to register beginning 6PM later today.

Earlier: Still failing to provide the adequate stock for Mi 3 smartphone in India, Chinese smartphone Xiaomi today saw its fourth sale getting over in just 2.4 seconds. While the timing is 0.4 seconds more than last week, the company had also offered 5,000 more units than the third sale of 15,000 units.

With around 150,000 registration for today’s sale, it is not surprising to see that it got over so fast but the registrations clearly show that it will take at least a couple of months to get some sort of normalisation in the demand and supply.

Xiaomi revealed that it is continuing the weekly sales and the next Mi 3 sale will take place on August 19 and the registrations of the sale are now open at Flipkart.

There is no word on how many units the company plans to import for the fifth sale but we hope that number is over 20,000 units.

If you are getting tired of waiting for the phone, we will suggest you check out Asus Zenfone 5 or Moto G smartphones as the alternatives.


  1. Ok, I was registered on this and last two times, but who’ll be free at 2.00 noon for such Bhejamari !! Report of just 20,000 pcs total sale seems convincing. Will order some other brand. Good bye Xiaomi, till you get enough stock.


    • Xiaomi is most feared emerging company, by Samsung and even by Apple, they have managed to beat Apple in China for 3rd consecutive year.The next product Mi4 matches Apple in fit n finish with far higher specs.


  2. I believe there is nothing left for people around India rather then spending money time and energy on stupid gadgets like mobile phone. Rather spend your hard earned money on some good thing or good cause. I am sure people will be mature in few years. And i really need to appreciate those marketing guys whose flash sale idea on FlipKart clicked because of stupid people like us


    • Smartphone is important part of modern urban life. It’s not useless. Xiaomi is small company so they can Provide only 15-20k phones per week. in 2-3 months demand and supply will be normalized. It takes 2 min to register and 2 min to log in to Flipkart so 4 min per week. It’s not too much.

      Xiaomi is bringing high tech product in affordable price so be patient. Don’t overreact.


  3. Today’s sale was unbelievable..I already have a Mi3 from the 2nd sale from flipkart which took me about 20 to 25 minutes to buy it successfully as the site kept crashing however today as soon as the timer finished I clicked on buy now and it gave me a message that the sale is over and the phone is out of stock which is funny and annoying. Xiaomi needs to understand that they have a great product and if they want to make money and gain popularity they should provide ample stock so that everyone can buy.


  4. Guyz I have added Mi3 to my cart if any one want please contact me I would like to sell it …contact me before tonight 12 PM on 9764710629


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