Xiaomi unveils MIUI 6, coming to select Mi phones in Oct

MIUI 6As promised, Xiaomi detailed its new version of MIUI OS at an event in Beijing today. Called MIUI 6, the version will go in beta-testing today and the testing will continue until October, when the final version will be released for select Mi smartphones. The testing of MIUI 6 for Xiaomi Mi 2/2S/2A, Redmi devices and Redmi Note will begin later this year with final release sometime next year.

The launch of MIUI 6 marks the fourth anniversary of MIUI and the press event for the MIUI 6 unveiling happened at the same place where MIUI was first introduced to the world four years ago.

According to Xiaomi, the MIUI 6 brings a number of improvements and optimisations and is in line with the current trend of flatter design.  Xiaomi claims that it wants to give the best user experience with MIUI 6 and for the same, it has removed unnecessary distractions from the UI and notes that this will help the users in focussing on the right things in the right place, when they need them. MIUI 6 Home

Among the most prominent changes, MIUI 6 has seen a lot of changes on the home-screen front. The launcher now supports batch organisation of icons and includes a quick search panel, which can be accessed by a swipe-up gesture.

The company has also refreshed the Calendar, Calculator, Weather, Compass, Clock and other native apps with new flatter design. Notification centre has also seen a revamp. Notifications are also visible on the lock-screen, which are collapsed by default but can be expanded with a small gesture.

Xiaomi has also redesigned the mail app, which now combines all mails with the same subject into one folder, so the users can see what’s new at single glance. The attachment list allows users to view and save attachments directly.

Among the under-the-hood changes, MIUI 6 introduces various Linux kernel & RAM optimization techniques like Smart CGroup, ZRAM, Bitmap Cache and TrimHeaps, which allow applications to run more efficiently.

Other highlights of MIUI 6

  • More power-saving modes
  • Option to load own song files or select the best music from various FM stations in the Music app.
  • New options to take photo from front or rear camera by just swiping down, swipe left to bring out the menu panel, and swipe right to bring out the real-time filter.
  • Easier photo-sharing and backup on Mi Cloud

Here are some screenshots from MIUI 6:


  1. MIUI 5 is the most fluid android skin i have come across and with version 6 round the corner am sure things will get even better. Awaiting the release..


  2. the new version is sleek but after updating,i am facing a strange issue..:The download manager asks for wifi connectivity for files with .png extn, no matter their size is even just few bytes or more. Two calls to customer care failed to resolve this.
    then, the battery drains faster..

    third..you can not center or fix your wallpaper or home screen..the image travels with the sliding of the screen.

    discovering more..the new version is sure more sleek but looks a step back as far as tech goes..previuos one was better.


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