Oppo launches N1 Mini with 13MP rotating camera for INR 26,990

Oppo N1 miniAs promised, Chinese smartphone maker Oppo has launched its N1 Mini smartphone in India today. The company has priced the phone at INR 26,990 and it will go on sale immediately in the country.

Originally introduced in June this year, the Oppo N1 Mini is a smaller cousin of the company’s previously launched N1 smartphone. Like N1, the N1 Mini also comes with a rotating camera, which acts as both rear and front cameras.

According to Oppo, the 13MP camera on-board N1 Mini is capable of shooting 24MP images, thanks to the company’s Super Zoom technology, which combines multiple images to create a more detailed and better photograph.

Among other specifications, the smartphone comes with 5-inch 720p HD display, 2GB of RAM, Android 4.3-based Color OS, 2140 mAh battery, and 1.6GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor. The phone also packs 16GB of internal storage, 4G LTE support, and the usual set of connectivity options.

Oppo N1 Mini will be sold in White, Mint and Yellow colour option, however the Yellow colour option will be released next month.

“Customer orientation is deeply rooted in the culture at OPPO. We strive to give users what they really look for. OPPO N1 Mini stems from this philosophy of ours. It brings to users the unique design and technology for which the OPPO N1 won a lot of accolades, but in a sleeker and more compact body. For OPPO, a fusion of technology and affection has always been the essence of our product design and development. We believe that today’s youth will find OPPO N1 Mini as a device that is mini in size and max in fun,” said Tom Lu, CEO, OPPO India.

The phone is clearly over-priced and we hope that Oppo realises this soon and starts pricing its devices decently. Apart from an interesting camera and 4G LTE support, there is hardly anything on phone, which is not offered by the competition at far lower pricing. What are your thoughts? Do let us know in comments.


  1. Snapdragon 400 with 720p screen and 1 GB RAM is being offered by another Chinese brand at 6999/- and adding 1 extra gigs with 13 MP should not make this phone qualify for more than 15k of price tag at any cost. Rotating camera means just one camera !!


  2. in today’s competitive market there is only 3 ways to succeed:
    1) make premium products with premium pricing which people will buy (apple)
    2) create hype, price it low and sell a ton of devices aka profit (Xiaomi & Motorola)
    3) spend half your total income in meaningless ads trying to attract idiots (you know who)

    Oppo has neither of the 3. swivel camera. ok first in the business but as Gaurav said, 1 outstanding feature hardly makes a difference when you fail to price the product sensibly. they managed to create a hype but it was a wasted effort as the pricing turned off potential customers. its not like they are the only the most desired phone brand which is featured on the first page of every tech mag & blog site. finally the ads. sorry what? Oppo doesn’t air any ads or i have not watched tv in a few years. both ways Oppo is going downhill just like HTC. makes a top notch flagship to create hype and then fails completely in low-mid section. This doesn’t help. you need sales to keep the company afloat. Sooner or later you run out of cash and end up where HTC is. M8 appeared on most mags and blog’s Editor’s Choice but their desire series has appeared as the most undesirable mobile series.
    And clearly by now every company knows India is a massive market. Price it wrong here and you are bound to suffer a big loss which will put a dent on quarterly and annual income. they seriously should consider removing the colorOS crap, strip off unnecessary stuff which only fools some kids and start pricing their mobile with customers in mind if they want to survive the mobile apocalypse.


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