Google re-introduces four device de-authorisation limit in Play Music

Google Play MusicGoogle has silently re-introduced the painful device de-authorisation limit in Play Music. First added in 2012, the limit allowed the consumers to de-register only four devices each-year but after criticism, Google rolled back the change and allowed unlimited de-registrations until now.

Google Play Music users once again will have to deal with the limit and it is especially a nuisance for the users, who change devices multiple times a year or flash custom ROMs (there have been reports that Google has started using IMEI as the device identifier to avoid duplicate device registration for the same device after new ROM flash but it doesn’t always work).

There seems to be a workaround, found by Android Police, in which, you can contact Google customer care to de-register all devices from your Google Play Music account and then re-add the needed devices.

Play Music Android app updated

In related news, Google has updated the Play Music Android app in Google Play. The new version – 5.6.1617P – brings several new features and improvements. You can check out the full change-log below.

  • New ‘Manage downloads’ place that lets you see everything that you’ve downloaded, view the total space taken up by each item, and remove the downloads from device
  • Redesigned widget that’s resizable from 4×1 to 4×4
  • New 1×1 ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ widget
  • You can now undo tracks removed from playlists and the queue via swipe

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