Android Device Manager adds a ‘call owner’ button on lost devices

Android Device ManagerAndroid Device Manager has been one of the most useful additions from Google in Android in the recent times. It provided all basic options until now but Google is expanding the feature-set by allowing the Android phone owners to set a phone number, which can be used by the person finding the misplaced phone to call the rightful owner.

The set phone number is not visible on the screen but the Android device shows “Call Owner” option, which when tapped will call the set-number.  The Android Device Manager also allows the users to set a message on the device screen, which can be anything ranging from a polite request or a reward offer.

In addition, Android Device Manager app has been updated to include the support for the new features and gets bug-fixes as well as performance enhancements.

To remind you, Android Device Manager helps Android device owners find, lock, and erase their misplaced or stolen devices. The feature can be activated or tweaked by going to Google Settings app on the Android device. It is also accessible via Android Device Manager app and a web interface.

Image Credit: Android Police

One comment

  1. That’s actually a pretty cool new feature. Now expect Apple to steal get inspired by this idea in iOS 9 next year.


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