Moto 360 images reveal wireless charging support & heart-rate sensor

Moto 360Despite becoming official along with Android Wear, Motorola’s Moto 360 has remained elusive and most key details about the watch are still a mystery. Now, thanks to a report in an Italian blog, we have some clarity about the device.

As per Mister Gadget, Moto 360 smartwatch will come with wireless charging support as well as a very interesting looking charging adapter. In addition, the device will feature a heart-rate sensor like Gear Live and pedometer.  Further, at least one variant of the smartwatch will be made of stainless steel. Other specifications are still unknown but will most likely be same as other Android Wear devices that we have seen so far.

Mister Gadget has also shared quite a few images of the Moto 360. You can find some of them below but a detailed gallery is available at the source.

The availability details still remain as vague as later this summer and apart from some rumoured prices, we still don’t know the actual cost of this device. We hope to hear from the company soon and it is likely that the Motorola will host a press event later this month to unveil the next-generation Moto X smartphone as well as detail the Moto 360 smartwatch.

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