LG G3 Stylus smartphone revealed in official promo video

LG G3 StylusLG seems to be planning to launch a smartphone named G3 Stylus in the coming months. The phone was spotted by eagle-eyed folks at Techorz in the official LG G3 Beat Promo Video, where the Korean manufacturer clearly shows the upcoming G3 Stylus with the branding.

No other details are available at this point but it is possible that LG will be releasing G3 Stylus to take on Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.  As you can see in the image, LG G3 Stylus comes with its own stylus like Samsung’s S-Pen. The size of the phone also seems to be bigger compared to LG G3, suggesting that it will sport a display bigger than 5.5-inch, probably around 5.7-inches.

A September debut seems most likely but we hope to see more information in the coming days.

LG releases software update for G Watch

In related news, LG has rolled-out a new software update for G Watch smartwatch, which will provide a solution for the reports of corrosion and residue build-up on the terminal pins of the smartwatch.

According to the company, the update will disable the current in the pins when the G Watch is not in the charging dock. The update will reach all LG G Watch smartwatches over-the-air.

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