Amazon Appstore reaches 41 new countries

Amazon AppstoreAmazon has announced that it has expanded the reach of Amazon Appstore to 41 new markets. The Android consumers in these countries will be able to download free and paid apps from one more source now. With the latest round of expansion, Amazon Appstore is now accessible in a total of 236 countries.

“This expansion represents an opportunity for Amazon developers to target new areas in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, including some of the most populous and connected nations in the world. Singapore, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Egypt, and Turkey are just a few examples,” noted Peter Heinrich of Amazon Appstore in a blog post.

To remind you, the last major expansion of Amazon Appstore took place in May last year.

Amazon states that the app developers can now go through the local restrictions and enable their apps to be available in the new markets.

Here is the full list of new countries getting Amazon Appstore

Algeria Djibouti Kazakhstan Mauritania Qatar Tunisia
Azerbaijan Egypt Kuwait Morocco Saudi Arabia Turkey
Bahrain Eritrea Kyrgyzstan Niger Senegal Turkmenistan
Bangladesh Gambia Lebanon Nigeria Sierra Leone United Arab Emirates
Brunei Darussalam Guinea Malaysia Oman Singapore Uzbekistan
Burkina Faso Indonesia Maldives Pakistan Somalia Yemen
Chad Jordan Mali Palestinian Territories Tajikistan

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