Xiaomi reveals Mi 3 sales number & pricing of accessories in India

Xiaomi AccessoriesAfter the completion of second batch of Mi 3 sales, Xiaomi India has finally revealed the actual sales numbers for the smartphone in the country.

According to Xiaomi, it has sold a total of 20,000 units of Mi 3 in the Indian market till now.  The company stated that it is working hard to satisfy the demand in the country and will be hosting the next round of sales on August 5.

Pricing of Mi 3 accessories

In related news, Xiaomi and Flipkart have also declared the pricing of Mi 3 accessories in the country today. There is still no word on the release date.

As per the product listings on e-retailer Flipkart, which will be exclusively carrying these accessories, Mi 3 screen protector and Flip cover will retail for INR 179 and INR 559 respectively. On the other hand, the Mi in-ear headphones will sell for INR 999.

Lastly, the Xiaomi’s 5200 mAh and 10,400 mAh Power Banks will be released for INR 799 and INR 999 respectively.  These are some great prices for these accessories and we expect Power Banks to be especially popular among the Indian consumers as unlike cover and screen protectors, these are device agnostic and can be used with any Android smartphone.


  1. 10400mAh power bank: great pricing.
    5200mAh power bank: Again great pricing but better to get bigger one at just 200 more.
    Ear phones: not so great pricing. Need to see reviews on this though.
    Flip covers and screen guards: Depends on reviews. As of now OK pricing.


  2. screen guard and cover not yet available despite two batches sold. the phone has managed to get minor scratch already 😦


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