Motorola’s Moto G successor appears online

Moto G2 leakWith Moto G eight-months-old, the reports of its successor have started appearing online. Rumoured to be dubbed as Moto G2, the smartphone will come in three models – XT1068 (dual-SIM), XT1063 (single-SIM) and XT1069 (dual-SIM + digital TV).

The smartphone first made an appearance on Brazil’s FCC equivalent, which has confirmed the above model numbers but the certification agency did not reveal any other details. Now, a Galician website Mallandonoandroid has shared the alleged specifications and an image of XT1068.

According to the site, the smartphone will come with a 1280x720p HD display, Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor, and Adreno 305 GPU like its predecessor but will sport an 8MP rear camera instead of the 5MP in Moto G. Other details are a mystery at this point but we hope to see more leaks in the coming weeks.

There is no word on the release date but Q4 launch seems most likely. Till then check out the leaked image of the phone below.Moto G2 leak

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    • Those “standard” features for $200? Don’t get greedy now. The front facing speakers and camera upgrade is still well worth over $200. A lot of phones that cost over $600 still don’t have 64bit chips, and come with 2gig ram.


    • I agree with Dumbasskiller…most features you ask for are absurd for that price…you are asking motorola to give you flagship like features with the 2GB of ram and a 64 bit processor that not even $600 dollar phones don’t have. Yeah, not happening.


    • you can’t expect them to include 610 at this price. they need to make some money. 410 should be sufficient (GPU gets clocked higher, A53 takes care of rest). and instead of throwing the fastest processor they can fit in the price, an upgraded battery (for 2days usage), camera that is actually usable in low light as G’s low light photography was pretty much garbage, 4G, and most importantly as you said, NO 8GB. i don’t understand why they actually started with 8GB. it should have been 8 & 32 from day 1.

      And if they are really sticking to 400, they must be trying to bring some NLP to the more budget range. but then it doesn’t makes sense to have a last gen processor as G was among the first mobile to feature the S400 with quad A7.


      • Also, other sites have mentioned that the the second generation Moto G would feature an even cheaper price as well.


    • Thn go and buy moto x. Or some high end device with your required specs. Than you surely know the price tag.


    • You can get the CDMA Moto G for as little as $75 at Target, ebay and other venders. The GSM version can be had for less than $150. This is a mid-level phone at a entry level price tag. If you want a 5″ phone in this price range try a Blu Studio 5.0s II or a 5.5s.


    • Exactly what I was thinking The upgrades seem too minor to suit the MG. They’ll probably (hopefully) price it around $149 or even less (and not $199) if Lenovo sticks to the Motorola scheme of things.


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