Will Android L be called “Lamington”?

Android LamingtonGoogle might have already previewed the next major Android release at the Google I/O 2014 but the codename for the release is yet to become official.  Google is just calling it Android L right now and will announce the final moniker at the time of full launch.

Since the release of KitKat, there has been a lot of speculation about the codename of the L-release with names like Lollipop and Liquorice (Licorice) being the top contenders but it looks like we could see “Lamington” being the pick.

Lamington, which is an Australian dessert, has been spotted in the Google’s new Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals course. The course was officially announced on June 15 and has been developed with team at Udacity. The course slide also mentions Meringue as the expected name of Android M release but that is quite far right now.

While the sighting in the course doesn’t mean Android Lamington is certain (also the question mark), it looks more likely than others given that it is coming from the Android team.

Australian Android lovers will be pretty happy if it becomes a reality as they are the only ones asking for Lamington to be made the codename for Android L release (as we have been able to find in the various forum and Reddit posts).

What do you guys think of Lamington as the next Android version name?Lamington

Lamington image credit: Marina Oliphant


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