Timberman is the new Flappy Bird for smartphone users

TimbermanIt has been quite some time since Flappy Bird said goodbye to app stores and if you have been waiting for the next game that will make you hate yourself for playing it, you are in luck. Digital Melody’s Timberman has emerged as the new Flappy Bird.

This overnight sensation is now available for free in Google Play. Timberman is simple arcade style game, in which you have to chop wood and avoid branches. Also, you have to do it fast so that the meter on the top doesn’t run out.

You will be able to unlock new characters by scoring more in one particular game or clearing a fixed number of chops regardless of the number of games.

On the downside, the developer has included an awful lot of advertisements in the game, which can be removed using an in-app purchase but for the freeloaders, it is a big distraction. Also, the top ad banner sometimes hides the meter and is not just a distraction but bad UI.

Regardless of these quirks, if you like Flappy Birds kind of games, you should try it.

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