Xiaomi teases Redmi 1S and Redmi Note launch in India on July 15

Xiaomi India teaserLooks like Xiaomi Mi 3 isn’t going to be the only launch on July 15 in India. The company has started teasing more announcements on its official Facebook page.

The teaser although doesn’t mention any device explicitly but the phones in the image look a lot like Redmi/ Redmi 1S and Redmi Note. It would make sense for Xiaomi to come guns blazing as Indian smartphone market is not like other South-Asian countries.

The company has already revealed Mi 3 pricing but we expect it to announce the prices and availability details for other devices on July 15 when Xiaomi is hosting its India launch event in New Delhi. Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin, Xiaomi Global VP Hugo Barra and India head Manu Jain will be present at this event and we hope to get more clarity on the releases of its devices in the country on the day.

To remind you, Xiaomi’s current Android portfolio includes devices like Mi 3, Redmi, Redmi 1S, Redmi Note, Mi Pad, Mi TV and Mi Box.  Mi TV and Mi Box are unlikely to make it out of China anytime soon because of content licencing agreements and Mi Pad has just reached China and will take some time to be released in other markets. So, Mi 3, Redmi/ Redmi 1S (only one of these will be released) and Redmi Note are the only devices that we can expect see in India this month.


  1. The 1s sells for around $129 (799 Yuan)in China, which translates to around 7.7K. Seeing as they’ve priced the Mi3 at only slightly over it’s Chinese price unlike other OEM’s, I expect Xiaomi to price even their Hongmi/Redmi 1s at similarly competitive levels.

    Going by that logic, if Xiaomi can price it at around 9K here, it might have trouble meeting demand, provided they can convince the Indian would-be clientele about their after sales network. Because at this stage, that would be the only thing that can hold them back apart from distribution channels and possible supply constraints.


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