Google voice search can now understand search corrections

Google has revealed that the voice search feature of Android is now smarter and can understand search term corrections.

According to the search giant, the voice search sometimes misinterprets search terms but now users can follow up with “no I said” and the right search term and the application will understand and fix the search results.

This feature will be especially useful for the non-English users or people with different accents as Google voice search isn’t always perfect with understanding different English accents.

It is already live in Google Search on Android, so if you have the latest version of the app on your Android device, you can start correcting Google.

Google to bring media controls for voice actions

In related news, Google is reportedly planning to add music control support voice actions in Google Now.  The feature is currently in testing and some users  are able to say commands like  ‘Next song/track’, ‘play next song’, ‘stop music’ and ‘pause music’ to control the music playback on their Android devices.Google Now Music Controls

We expect broader roll-out in the coming weeks. Till then, you can try these commands on your Android devices to check if the feature is enabled for you.

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