Google Search updated with “OK Google” support for English (India)

Google Search update 3.5.15Google has released an update for the Google Search for Android app, which brings a number of improvements including “Ok Google” hotword support for English (India).

Although Google doesn’t mention the Ok Google support for English (India) in the official change-log, we have checked and can confirm from our end that you will now be able to just say “Ok Google” to initiate a voice search. Ok Google is even more useful with Google Now launcher, in which the hotword works anywhere on the home-screen.

Among other changes, Google Search 3.5.15 includes the following new features for Google Now (Android 4.1+ users only).

  • Things to watch on Chromecast
  • If you commute via public transit, you can set an alarm when it’s time to get off the train/bus.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

The updated app is rolling out now and will shortly reach your Android devices.

Thanks Madhu G Krishnan for the tip


    • just make sure you are at the home screen, and say “OK Google”
      It will not work when the phone is asleep


      • Did you recently recieve a Google search update? (in last 24 hours) if not, it will not work for you.

        If you did update recently.. follow these steps –>
        Go to Google now –> click options (three dots) and go to settings.–> Google Now should be enabled–> Click Voice –> Check the Language there [It should be English India or English US (in case you did not get the update recently)] –> Click “OK Google Detection” and check the option from Google Search App.

        Now return to the home screen/ or any screen with Google Search Widget and speak the words “OK Google”. It should bring up the voice search option.

        Say something to search.–> Enjoy!


  1. surprisingly I dont see the say “OK Google” on the search bar anymore; however it seems to be working fine.


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