Nokia X, XL, & X+ won’t get Nokia X software platform 2.0 (Android 4.3) update

Nokia X software platform 2Microsoft has announced that the new Nokia X software platform v2.0, which was introduced along with X2 smartphone, won’t be coming to the existing Nokia X smartphones.

The company is blaming the hardware of the Nokia X, X+ and XL for its inability to offer the update but it promised to offer other updates to the phones, which will improve the performance on the devices.

Based on AOSP Android 4.3, Nokia X software platform 2.0 brings a number of changes including the brand new apps list, which gives users access to all the apps installed on the phone and help remove clutter on the homescreen. The company has also improved the camera UI, Fastlane, virtual keyboard and control panel in the new version.

“We’ve made lots of changes. Some that are obvious and some that are subtle, but they all lead to a richer, faster and easier experience,” explained Yannis Paniaras, Head of the Mobile Phones UX Design Studio at Microsoft.

There is no information on when the so-called “other updates” will be arriving to the existing Nokia X smartphones but as soon as we hear something, we will let you guys know.

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