Voice Search is now ready for India: Google

Google Voice Search IndiaGoogle India on Tuesday announced that its voice search feature is now ready for Indian users. While the support is still limited to English language, the voice search will better understand the Indian accents, Google said at a press event in New Delhi.

The company stated that it worked with over 700 volunteers to perfect the voice search for use in the country. “We collected spoken utterances to create the specific language models which power English voice search in the Indian accent. Our volunteers are asked to read popular search queries in a variety of acoustic conditions such as in restaurants, out on busy streets, and inside cars, to best reflect real life and the role Search has in helping connect users with relevant information they need to go about their day,” explained Google.

Android users in the country can now effectively use the voice-search on devices running Android 2.3 or above.  You will however first need to select English (India) as the language of choice in the settings of Google Search app.

According to Google, the improvements are not limited to just understanding the Indian accents but search experience has also been improved in Knowledge Graph results for the country.

“From asking Google where you can watch the latest movie to finding out cricket scores at the touch of a button, Google is there to help you get the answers you need,” said Sandeep Menon, Head of Marketing, Google India.


  1. Yes, it works but have you even heard the voice that replies…. Its as if Google has put a “typical” South Indian lady with an accent… Not all Indians converse like that !!!


  2. You also loose the ability to use “Ok Google” hotword from any screen on nexus (it works if US English is selected) and MOTO X….


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