Google Play Books go live in 12 new countries

Google Play BooksGoogle has announced that the consumers in 12 new countries will now have access to its Play Books store.  The new markets are Paraguay, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Netherlands, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, Honduras, Colombia and Dominican Republic.

With today’s launch, the consumers in these countries will be able to buy e-books from Google Play and read them across platforms using Google Play Books app or web browser. To remind you, Android users have direct access to Play Books from Play Store device client.

According to Google, there are over a million e-books available via Play Books, so there won’t be any dearth of choice. The service competes with Amazon, Kobo and other e-book stores.

After the latest round of expansion, Google Play Books are now available in a total of 57 countries.

Google Play Moves & TV app updated

In related news, Google has released a minor update for Play Movies and TV app in Google Play. The update brings Google Play Movie/ TV wishlist to Watch Now section of the app, giving you a quick access to content that you have been waiting to watch.

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