Twitter for Android update adds Daydream support

Twittter for Android DaydreamTwitter has released a minor update for its official Android app, which brings Daydream support, bug-fixes and select improvements.

Now live in Google Play, Twitter for Android allows users (with Android 4.2 and above) to set it as the Daydream source on their Android devices. Once set as a source, the tweets with images from the people you follow will appear on your phone screen as a part of the Daydream. The feature has been available in the beta and alpha versions of the app for sometime.

Not very useful but it could be a decent Daydream source depending on the people you follow in Twitter. Apart from Daydream support, none of the other changes is user-facing.

To set Twitter as a Daydream source, go to Settings >Display > Daydream on your Android device and choose Twittter. You will need to be on the latest version of Twitter to use this feature, so make sure to update the app first.

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