Google Glass goes chic with new DVF collection

DVF | Made for Glass collectionGoogle today announced the result of a collaboration between the search giant and famed American fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg in the form of DVF | Made for Glass collection.

The company has introduced a set of Furstenberg-designed Google Glass frames, which will go on sale beginning June 23 at online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter and Google Glass store.

“These new designs build on the style choices we gave Explorers when we launched the Titanium Collection in January,” Glass team wrote on Google+.

The DVF collection includes five new frames and eight new shades, which the company believes will be incentive enough for the buyers, who want to look chic wearing Glass.

According to Google, DVF-designed frames with Glass and prescription lenses will cost $1,725, while DVF-shades with Glass will be priced at $1,620.

Google has also revealed that along with DVF collection debut at Net-a-Porter, the company will also start selling the Titanium collection on the store.

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