Google adds ‘app permissions’ link on Google Play webstore

Google Play app permissionsGoogle has silently re-introduced app permissions link on the Google Play website earlier today. This link allows the users to check out the permissions needed for particular app without clicking install or purchase.

The link used to be available when Google Play was Android Market but it was removed after the re-branding/ revamping of the store in 2012. This is not a major functionality but it is certainly useful.

You can be find the app permissions link in the additional information section of an app listing.

Google brings TV shows to Google Play in Canada

In related news, Google has expanded the availability of TV Shows to Canada. The Canadian users will now be able to enjoy TV shows on their Android devices, iOS, desktop, or Chrome OS devices.

Canada is the fifth country worldwide to get Google Play TV shows, which were until available only in Australia, Japan, United Kingdom, and United States.

The TV shows selection in Google Play Canada seems to be decent but some shows might be missing given the licensing rights or other stuff.Google Play TV shows Canada

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