Will Samsung Galaxy S5 Active be called Galaxy K Active?

Samsung Galaxy K ActiveLook like the Galaxy K branding used in the Galaxy K Zoom was not a one-off thing for Samsung and the company seems to be planning to use it on all variants of the Galaxy S5 this year.

Samsung SM-G870A model number, which has been associated with the rumoured Galaxy S5 Active so far, has now appeared as Galaxy K Active in Indian import database Zauba.com, suggesting that K Active could be the final branding of the phone.

If Samsung Galaxy Active is indeed going to be the name of Samsung’s upcoming rugged Galaxy S5 then the prototype unit of this smartphone present in the recently leaked videos and images must be a really old unit as it showed the phone as Galaxy S5 Active and not K Active. We can’t be fully certain until the official announcement but K Active branding seems more likely.

There is still no word on the final release date or pricing of the phone but we hope to hear from the company soon. To remind you, Samsung SM-G870A is rumoured to come with same specs as Galaxy S5 apart from the presence of a tweaked design, which includes rubberised edges for better protection from fall and improved water/ dust resistance.Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

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