Google Play gets a mobile layout

Google Play Mobile Layout

New Google News layout also in testing

Google seems to be revamping the mobile layouts of some of its key properties to bring them in sync with others.  In the same bid, the company has launched a mobile layout for Google Play, which it never had until now.

As Google Play is normally used by Android users, it makes little sense to have a mobile layout when you have a full-fledged device client but there are cases when non-Android users might want to use Google Play, so here we are. The new Google Play layout is pretty neat and in line with most of other Google properties.  It gives you access to everything that you can do in the web layout or on the device client.

Want to check it out, head over the on your mobile device now.

In related news, Google also seems to be testing a new mobile layout for Google News. The layout was live for me yesterday but today the old layout is back, which means, there are still ironing out the kinks (or it is live for a select-few right only) and we should be seeing the brand new layout in the coming weeks.

The upcoming Google News layout is also in line with other Google properties including the Google Play mobile layout. Here is a look at it.Google News Mobile Layout


  1. Hi Gaurav, I have Google Newstand but am unable to trace Google News as an app on Play Store. Any link for Google News?


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