Google building a tablet with 3D imaging capabilities: Report

Project TangoAccording to a report in Wall Street Journal, Google has expanding its recently announced Project Tango and will be developing a tablet with 3D vision capabilities. The company is reportedly going to produce around 4,000 units of this experimental tablet.

Originally announced in February this year, Project Tango is Google’s endeavour to make mobile devices capable of seeing their surrounding in three-dimensions like we do. The company was until working only on a 5-inch smartphone but it seems to be adding a tablet as well to the project.

“The device would come with a 7-inch screen and will be equipped with two back cameras, infrared depth sensors and advanced software that can capture precise three-dimensional images of objects,” WSJ noted quoting un-identified sources.

While the devices being developed as a part of Project Tango are far from mass market products, Google plans to distribute a limited number of these to the devs to build an ecosystem of applications.

Not many details are available at this point but we hope to hear more at the company’s I/O 2014 developer event.

Learn more about Google’s Project Tango in the following video, you can also check out the project website.

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