Toshiba to supply processors for Project Ara phones: Report

Project AraBusiness daiily Nikkei is reporting that Toshiba has partnered with Google to provide chips for the Project Ara modular smartphones.  According to the publication, the Japanese tech giant will be making three-types of processors for both modules and the phones itself.

“Toshiba will prepare three types of processors for the phone, to be used both in modules and the phone itself. Sample shipments will start this fall, with mass production to begin as early as the start of next year,” Nikkei wrote in Asian Review.

To remind you, Google plans to ship a bare-minimum Project Ara smartphone for as low as $50 in early 2015 and the consumers will be able to upgrade the phone with the modules of their own choice.

Originally announced by Motorola Mobility in October 2013, Project Ara was shifted to Google after the announcement of Motorola’s acquisition by Lenovo. According to the information available so far, Project Ara phones will run on Android and the endoskeleton used in these phones will last five-six years. So, you can buy one endoskeleton and keep on the upgrading the modules as per new technology. The modules will attach to endo using electro-permanent magnets and use the UniPro standard for communication between modules.

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