Moto E gets official bootloader unlock support, root and TWRP recovery

Moto E in IndiaWithin a week of Moto E going on sale, all three key elements necessary for modding an Android smartphone have become available for the phone. The Moto E has not only got official bootloader unlock support from Motorola but has also gained root access and unofficial TWRP recovery, thanks to some fine work by devs at XDA forum.

Talking about bootloader unlock first, the interested Moto E users can head over to Motorola website now to unlock the bootloader of their Moto E smartphone. The company is currently supporting the US Retail, Canada, Europe and Latin America versions of the phone for bootloader unlock; there is no word for the Indian version support.

Coming to root access and unofficial TWRP recovery, guides are available for both at XDA. You can flash TWRP recovery and then root your phone or you can run the TWRP recovery temporarily and use it to root your smartphone and keep the stock recovery. In any case, you will need an unlocked bootloader.

Here are the relevant links for the XDA threads: TWRP for Moto E | Root Access for Moto E

It is important to note here that the TWRP for Moto E is an unofficial port and is not supported for the Team Win right now. Also, because of the absence of kernel sources, there are a couple of bugs, which will be fixed once Motorola releases the kernel sources.

One comment

  1. Well done, Moto. Nobody else in the Android land is catering to the Geeks – which is both hugely surprising and terribly disappointing – seeing as Android is tailor-made for Geeks unlike iOS and WP! Just filling in that existing vacuum makes great business sense while earning terrific goodwill of the paying public.

    Motorola is doing so well of late because of a concerted, well thought out two-pronged effort.

    On the one hand they’re playing the mass market game by launching ever
    cheaper products, while on the other, they’re actually catering to the
    niche ‘geek’ clientele with a hole in their pockets – who’re on the
    lookout for the most bang-for-the-buck gadgets on the cheap – by making
    decent phones with great specs for the price, rolling out timely updates
    and not tampering with the pure Android UI by overlaying it with
    annoying Android skins.

    Just wish some of the Asian manufacturers would learn from these guys rather
    than spamming the market with unusable low quality $h!t in the name of
    ‘value’. Are you listening, Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC, Mmx etc.?


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