Chromecast heads to Asia with launch in South Korea

chromecastUntil available only in US, Canada and select countries in Europe, Google’s media streaming dongle Chromecast is taking the first steps towards Asia with release in South Korea. The company earlier today announced the launch of Chromecast in the country, where it has been priced at 49,000 won ($47) and can be grabbed from Google Play,,, and

“Whether it’s K-Pop superstars, loveable penguins, or geriatric comedy antics — Koreans will now be able to use Chromecast to bring their favorite content on a phone, tablet or laptop to the biggest screen in their homes,” Google Asia Pacific noted in a blog post.

The launch in South Korea comes within two months of Chromecast’s international debut. Before March 2014, Chromecast’s availability was limited to just United States.

According to Google, it has partnered with various Korean streaming media services like Tving and Hoppin, to offer their content via Chromecast.

There is no word on when the media streamer will be released in other Asian countries like India, Singapore, or Japan.

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