Tesco Hudl 2 tablet to feature Intel SoC & 8.2-inch FHD display

Tesco Hudl 2 specsAs UK retailer Tesco gets ready to introduce its second self-branded tablet later this year, the specifications of the device have appeared on benchmarking database GFXBench.

As per the GFXbench listing, Tesco Hudl 2 will come with an 8.2-inch 1920x1200p display, Android 4.4.2, 1.83GHz quad-core Intel Z3735D processor and 2GB of RAM. The tablet also pack 16GB of internal storage, 5MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera and Wi-Fi support. The details about battery and expandable storage are still unclear.

The specifications of Hudl 2 are a clear step-up from the original Hudl tablet, which currently retails for 119 pounds. It is also interesting to see that Tesco has gone with a larger 8.2-inch display in Hudl 2 instead of the more common 7-inch display, which was present in the last generation. It actually makes sense as phablets are increasingly eating the market share of 7-inch tablets.

As per a recent BBC report, Tesco Hudl 2 will be released in September and will be joined by a Tesco-branded smartphone later this year. The smartphone is expected to come with high-end specifications and will reportedly take on the likes of Galaxy S5.


  1. Very interesting article but with one error, the current price of the Hudl is £119.95 not the £199 as stated. As a Hudl owner who has been satisfied with the tablet I’ll be very tempted to buy the Hudl 2 if the price is right.


  2. My Hudl has developed a problem with the usb charging port which appears to be split down the middle. This is apparently quite a common issue these tablets develop so I’m wondering would it be cheaper to just upgrade to the new tablet or send I send it off for repair and pay what might be a big repair bill?


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